My name is Malik Cox, and I am the creator of Gold BeardsGold Beards is a beard oil company based in New Jersey. Our products are crafted with clean, no-fuss all natural ingredients leaving both your skin and beard happy and healthy. 

After countless research I found that so many of the ingredients put into products that we use every day are there just to fill or to make the products feel creamier in our hands or to make them last longer on store shelves. 

With this knowledge I began to produce my own products with signature formulas I created through trial and error. The results were so amazing that something that was once a hobby evolved into gifting small batches to friends and family. I received such an overwhelming response that I basically had no choice except to spread the fruits of my labor. I began to put together the perfect beard oil blend that not only helped the beard grow but also nourished the underneath skin. By combining only ingredients that is 100% Organic and all Natural with no fillers everyone said it felt like finding gold and that's when the name GOLDBEARDS was created.