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Don't spent thousands dollars at the beauty salon to improve your skin condition until you try the Gold Beards signature Derma Roller! Our Derma Roller is designed to improve the elasticity and vibrancy of the skin to create a naturally beautiful glow and a healthy complexion. The needle size is 0.25mm, widely considered the safest size, as it is not designed to puncture the skin but instead to stimulate and rejuvenate. Our Derma Roller is the best option for beginners or users who want maintain or improve their skin health, male or female, young or old. Combine it with your favorite skin serum or lotion for even better results.

You'll love how easy and effortless the journey to healthy skin will be!

Increases the absorption of topical skin care products to over 500%, maximizing their effectiveness.
Improve skin tone, enhance circulation, rejuvenate the skin's overall look and feel.
Safe and Painless (NO BLEEDING).
With the Gold Beards signature Dermaroller, You Can:
Experience youthful, healthy skin right away.
Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.
Combine with your favorite products for the ultimate skin care routine.
Finally get the results you've been after!

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